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For experienced students with a dedicated home practice. Students should have a regular practice of Sirsasana, Sarvangasana and variations. 

All Levels 

Open to all levels of student, from new to experienced. If possible, new students should take a Beginner class as well.


For those who are recovering from illness or injury, have mobility limitations or who simply want to take things a bit slower, this class is for you.


If you're new to Iyengar yoga, this class will introduce you to the fundamental poses and concepts built upon in later levels.


Move into more challenging poses including back extensions, and shoulder stand variations. 


Explore a wider range of poses including headstand variations and greater depth in all poses. Pre-requisite: minimum 2 years Iyengar yoga experience.


Balance your body and refresh your mind in a quick 45 minute class. If possible, new students would take a Beginner class.

Pranayama (1.25 Hour)

For students currently in a Continuing or Intermediate class, explore and deepen your understanding of Pranayama (breath control). Supported poses will be included to further open the body and quieten the mind.  

All classes to be paid for by session. No drop-in classes currently offered. 

All classes and workshops have limited enrolment. Classes are subject to change.

Please reserve your space by emailing

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